By now you’re already fixed in hiring a video production house Singapore company over an advertising agency for your newest marketing campaign. You felt that it’s way more budget-friendly if you’ll go directly to guys who have the smarts and details to create your video collaterals instead of asking an agency. This is a good call as you are ensuring your budget.  

 Video Production House

Not only that, you’re foreseeing a buzz from your market because the output you will receive from the production house will be awesome. We know it will be a risk on your end. Choosing the right production house will be a determiner of your campaign’s success. That is why we have narrowed tips on how to secure the video production of your marketing dreams. 

Tip 1- Don’t be impressed solely on a demo reel  

The production house’ demo reel is not everything. Remember, they have only picked prime scenes and packed them to create an impressive 60-second output. A prime location for this video would be their homepage. Sure, it looks pretty? But can it bring efficiency to your business by relaying the message you intend to send? Check their finished videos and answer your marketing questions. If there’s no video that answers positively to your questions, this is already a red flag. Leave this production house. 

Tip 2- Look for their most recent works 

Good outputs shall never go unnoticed. Companies before you will always be on the lookout for impressive video production houses. With these kinds of houses, they will always have commissions after commissions; projects after projects. It will be easy for them to provide most recent work. Chances are, their work is superb because we go back to the first premise- good outputs shall never go unnoticed.  

If you cannot find these lovely videos in their websites, you can check them through the houses’ social media accounts like Facebook. 

Tip 3- Compare at least three quotes

Getting at least three (3) estimates is your only way to check a justifiable rate. This can be laborious as you have to go through different video production houses, ask for their services, and lastly, inquire for their rates. It is recommended to pick your top 3 and reassess them one more time based on their body of work and rate. 

You would know if one house has an off-tangent pricing through rate comparison.    

Tip 4- Envision that you really get your money’s worth 

Video production houses are keen when it comes to building their talents. They attend trainings and seminars to improve their craft. The more hardworking they are in learning, the more they fortify their editors. Clients would go for production houses that have a solid force of talents. That said, competition is really tough. This competition has brought beneficially for it gives an assurance that they will deliver the goods; they will create your video collateral that will hit massively with your target market. That’s your end goal, make your brand strong through a video campaign that is felt by a huge crowd.