It is unfortunate for those people and countries who are located near to the equator of the Earth. The would definitely experience hotter days and tropical weathers. It is going to be hard for them to feel a cool and relaxing fresh air as the heat of the sun would directly hit their homes and skins. If you are living in one of those countries which is not having four seasons, then possibly you could only have one or two seasons each year. Like for example is the Asian countries. Not all but most Asian countries don’t experience four different types of seasons and weathers. It is very unlucky for some that they don’t have air conditioner or any source of cold wind. Even though you have this devices and appliances you need to make sure that you clean then every time and contact air duct cleaning near me.


To fully utilize the effectiveness and lowering the electricity charge for your next bill you need to check these different ways.  

If you are using blinds at home, you can use this one to block the rays of sunlight from hitting your rooms or house. It is better to use this kind of tool to shed the light than using the ordinary type of curtains. If you have noticed, without using any shield to block the sunlight from passing through to your window and then your AC will be working harder to blow cooler air or you would tend to adjust the thermostat and that would surely increase your energy consumption. If you think that buying a blind is too expensive, you can use a think kind of curtain. Just make sure the it will fully cover the sides of the windows in your room.  

You can still use a fan to make the surrounding a little cooler than not using it. It will help to circulate the air in the room to reduce the hotness and generate a better feeling. It is a genius way to turn on the electric fan and use the air conditioner at the same time. You don’t need to set the AC to a colder temperature because the fan will help to make room temperature goes down. You can also buy an air cooler fan. This is not the usual fan that we see because we can put some ice cubes or water in the box of it and it will be the one to produce a cooler air.  

Reducing the usage of some appliances that can cause hotness in your room or house. Don’t use the microwave oven or the oven toaster when it is sunny outside. It will give additional higher temperature inside of your area. We thought that TV and computer won’t give any bad effects, but the truth is that they are one of those contributors that will make your room hotter when you don’t have air conditioner. The same thing with rice cooker and stoves and even the lights at night.